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Craving Sticks

Do you ever get cravings and really want to kick them to the curb? If you have a sweet tooth, are prone to "snacking" or "emotional eating", biting your nails, and smoking - you'll want to try my craving cutters.

They are super easy to make, take a few seconds to do, and will last you a good while. Flavored sticks can be stored in sealed mason jars or similar. We will be soaking your sticks for 24 hours so they can absorb the flavor. See my list of suggested flavors further along in this article.

The quality of oils is crucial for the purity, potency, and results. Avoid any oils with foreign substances in them like pesticides, chemicals used in distilling, or synthetic oils. This is common in the essential oil industry and your health is too important to risk getting substandard oils. You can be confident that you are getting effective and safe oils from me. In addition, less potent oils will not give you the results you desire and therefore will waste your money and time.

Get yourself a couple boxes of decent toothpicks and let's begin!

You need:


Sealed 8 oz. mason jars (1 for each flavor - see my list below)  

Fractionated Coconut Oil & Essential Oils     Get them here: 

Miniature tins (optional for carrying in purse / travel)

Essential Oils - Flavor List:

Black Pepper












Pink Pepper



Wild Orange

Try combining oils for unique flavors such as : Black Pepper and Lime)

How to make Craving Sticks:

In an 8 oz mason jar- put 2 tsp. Fractionated Coconut oil

15 drops essential oil

Add several toothpicks set them upright in jar - standing in oil mixture

Seal jar and allow toothpicks to absorb oil mixture for a day

How to use Craving Sticks:

Whenever you feel the urge, grab a toothpick - and enjoy. Easy! Put some in a tin and carry them with you to keep handy on the go.

I'd love to hear from you on how you are using your Craving Sticks! Write a comment below and don't forget to subscribe to my blog! Any questions, please contact me.

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