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Crockpot Bone Broth

My house smells amazing! Bone broth been simmering in the crockpot— since yesterday!  It's good to cook up some broth or keep it on hand when you are fighting an illness.  Sipping it from a spoon even when you don't have an appetite can be so beneficial to give you important nutrients.

To make nutrititious and immune support broth get some nice meaty beef bones from a local butcher or grocer.  Also get some onions and garlic.  I recommend organic meat and produce if you can get it.  

Pop your bones into a crockpot or slow cooker.   Cover them with water and simmer on low for 24 hours minimum - the longer you simmer the more nutrients you pull into the broth from the bones. It becomes more rich over a couple days.  I add more water as needed and to keep up with consumption - my family will be scooping cupfuls straight from the crockpot.  At some point add in some chopped onion and garlic.  You can also add salt, chili or other spices if you like.  

For extra nutrition and health support …add carrots, or other veggies. 

In addition, for health benefits and flavor - I add a few drops herb or spice essential oil like celery seed, basil, laurel leaf, or ginger. Just a couple drops is usually sufficient so it doesn't overpower.

You can keep it for a week in fridge, freeze for a month, or can it. Add your broth to delicious soups or stews. We kind of like soup (and chili) around here...any time of the year. 


1-2 pounds Organic beef meaty bones

4-5 cloves garlic

1 medium yellow onion

Salt and other spices (optional)

Carrots, celery, tomato, mushroom, pumpkin, potato, kale, broccoli (optional)

1-2 drops pure doTERRA Essential oils such as Celery Seed, Basil , Laurel Leaf, Ginger, Black Pepper

Cook meaty bones covered in water in crockpot or slowcooker for 24 - 72 hours.

 Add onion and garlic. 

 If desired add salt, spices, vegetables, essential oils.  

 Let cool and store in airtight containers for 1 week in fridge or freeze for 1 month.   


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