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Daily Use of Diffusers

Years ago I heard of something called an essential oil diffuser. I had little experience and my only frame of reference was the synthetic aromatic room-freshening plug-ins that you see advertised on television. I really had no clue about diffusers and how beneficial they are.

Aromatic use of essential oils is one of three main ways to incorporate them into your home or work space. They are not just for making your rooms smell nice. A diffuser is an effective option for dispensing therapeutic oils with just a few drops. When you use pure essential oils, you are not emitting toxins into the air. The aroma is incredibly powerful and they are helpful to our well-being. Air fresheners and candles - I quit using long ago for health reasons. The aroma, safety, and therapeutic properties of my essential oils combined are why I now choose them over anything else.

In the mornings I might diffuse an uplifting "wake up" blend to get our day started. Usually it includes a citrus oil like Wild Orange or Lemon and maybe some Peppermint. As the day continues I may diffuse oils that are soothing or grounding if it's a particularly hectic day. I'd choose something that reminds me of a "walk in the forest" with some wood oils like Black Spruce or Siberian Fir. As we transition into the evening hours I'll diffuse some calming and restful oils like Lavender or Vetiver. Everyday is different, but this gives you a general idea of how I would diffuse throughout a typical day.

Two other oils I diffuse often and many times together are Onguard and Breathe. These were my first two oils to ever diffuse because they supported the needs of my family well. In fact, I diffused these oils for a year before trying other oils in my diffusers. I just didn't want to change them because we needed the powerful benefits of Onguard and Breathe for our health.

Diffusers are economical because so little oil is needed and therefore the oils go a "long way". In my home we have a diffuser in most rooms including the bedrooms. There is a small one that sits on my desk in my home office. I put in 3-6 drops of oil, add water, and turn it on. That's it! Super easy. It costs me just pennies use them, but the benefits are enormous! Not only does my home smell amazing for very little, but we are breathing in the benefits the oils provide all thru the day.

Choosing a diffuser depends on your preferences, room size, and options you might want. Some run for a couple hours while others may run for up to ten hours. Intermittent settings allow a diffuser to run for a period of time, stop, and then run again for time specified. I always choose a diffuser with auto-shut off feature. If I leave the house or we are sleeping, I know my diffusers will turn off when the time is up or they run out of water / oil - which ever is first. Having a lighted diffuser option is nice for setting the mood and helping children to rest at night. Some lights are white, some have colors, and some have changing colors. Good diffusers will give you an option of different light settings also. I will say that cheap diffusers normally do not hold up well in my experience. They often are made with shoddy materials and can break down. Be sure your diffuser is made with high quality materials and plastics so they will last. I have also found that cheap diffusers have noisy motors after awhile. Be sure to choose one that you also like the style of. I really like the Lumo from doTERRA with it's sleek style, several settings, and it's lighting features.

When you choose your diffusers, follow the instructions and clean them regularly. I suggest once or twice a week. It only takes a moment to clean them. They will serve you well if you follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

These days, I can't imagine being withouth my diffusers. I even have a travel one for the car and also take one with me when travelling to hotels. Once you have them, you'll want to use them daily. Any questions or help you need with choosing a diffuser, feel free to connect with me.

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