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For your Valentine

Love is in the air as Valentine's day rolls around. Aromatherapy has profound impacts - both physically and emotionally.   You'll find what works for you both with a little experimentation. Spend time discovering with your Valentine what oils and aromas speak your language. Women need more time to switch gears, turn the brain off, and get into the mood. Essential oils are amazing for this purpose.   I recommend using oils frequently for emotions, libido, and wellness.  

My ways to use essential oils for romantic moments:

Diffuser blends

Pure-fume blends

Linen sprays

Lingerie sprays

His & Her favorite oils

Romantic chocolates 

Rose petal and oil bath

Massage oil blends


Here are some of my favorite recipes & tips for turning up the romance.   

Falling in Love Diffuser Blend

3 drops Frankincense

1 drop Myrrh

1 drop Sandalwood

1 drop Cinnamon Bark

Diffuse throughout the day and evening


Valentine Pure-fume Blend

6 drops Geranium oil

5 drops Console blend oil

3 drops Bergamot oil

2 drops Ylang Ylang oil

Mix in a 10 ml roller and top with Fractionated coconut oil.  For a spray, mix in 10 ml glass spray bottle, add 1 tsp witch hazel or vodka, fill with purified or distilled water.  Use on pulse points.


Favorite Oils for Him





Favorite Oils for Her

Ylang Ylang





Romantic Chocolates 

Melt chocolate on low heat

Add a few drops of one these oils:

Ylang Ylang 


Wild Orange

Mix well, pour and set into heart shaped molds. Remove carefully and store in refrigerator.


Lovers Massage Oil Blend

2 drops Ylang Ylang

1 drop Black Pepper

1 drop Wild Orange

1 drop Ginger

2 TBS Fractionated Coconut oil 

Use liberally for a warming & romantic massage


Love Lotion Potion

Use a combination of a few drops of Ylang Ylang, Jasmine,Bergamot mixed with Unscented Spa Body Lotion. Apply after shower or bath or during massage.


Between the Sheets Linen & Lingerie Spray

10 drops Sandalwood

6 drops Ylang Ylang

14 drops Bergamot

Add to 8 oz spray bottle

Add a splash of witch hazel or vodka

Fill with water. Use to scent linens, towels, pillows, lingerie


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