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His and Her Oils

Love is in the air! How about some his & her oils for those special moments or a date night? The aroma alone can really set the mood, stimulate sensual feelings, and promote passion. Our sense of smell is powerful. Topical application can provide a soothing or invigorating massage depending on what oils you choose. How about a romantic tea for two and chocolates infused with the essential oil flavors? Men and women can both benefit in using essential oils for intimacy. With Valentine's Day coming up soon, I trust you'll find some good ideas here. If you have questions or need to order oils connect with me at

Setting the Mood

It helps to know what aromas your partner enjoys and how to use them to "speak" his or her romantic language. Engaging ALL five senses with the use of essential oils helps to make for an exceptional experience. Have your preferred oils set in convenient places where you will most likely see and use them such as the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

Diffuse oils in the air throughout the day. Passion Inspiring blend is definitely a good one to start with that you'll both love. It's spicy, sweet, and energizing. If you prefer less spicy, try Wild Orange. Citrus oils are "happy" mood oils. Try Aromatic dressing by rolling on your favorite oils in layers. Create your own unique "pure-fume" personalized fragrances such as Neroli/Jasmine/Rose. Indulge your skin and senses with luxurious EO Spa Body Wash, Body Scrub and Body Butter. Spritz your towels, sheets, & lingerie with Lingerie & Linen Sprays that leave subtle romantic hints. Try "Between the Sheets" - 5 drops Sandalwood, 3 drops Ylang Ylang, 7 drops Bergamot in a 2-4 oz. spray bottle. Fill with purified or distilled water. Shake well before spraying. Infuse your Beverages & Finger Foods with essential oils. I love mineral water with a drop of Lime or Grapefruit oil and chocolate covered strawberries with a hint of Tangerine. Melt some chocolate, mix in couple drops of Tangerine oil at the end before dipping strawberries. Can chill before serving or dip and eat. Music is essential - play romantic music to unwind and relax. After dark, continue to diffuse oils and use the lights on your diffuser to keep the mood romantic. A tender Massage and the power of touch with an oil like Aromatouch Massage Blend is a definite must. Fractionated Coconut Oil will help to dilute oils to avoid sensitivity.

** Use caution in applying oils on sensitive skin areas and avoid if any discomfort. Never put essential oils in eyes, ears, or nose.

Below are my top 12 oil suggestions for you and your Valentine. Women need time to relax and switch gears and men need to focus on the task at hand, so choose oils that you both enjoy and benefit from.

Oils for Him



Clary Sage



Black Pepper

Ylang Ylang

Wild Orange





Oils for Her

Ylang Ylang


Clary Sage










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