In our modern world, our bodies are continuously exposed to a daily onslaught of chemicals, contaminants, and other constant threats.  Living in a bubble isn't an option.   People ask me all the time about wisdom for immune support and strength since I managed to find what worked for my family.   We went through a period of time where I thought I was missing the mark when it came to keeping my family healthy.  I was doing my best with some organic food, homemade herbal remedies, good hygiene, vitamins, and such.  It just wasn't working to well.  Someone was always sick and it just seemed to never end.  I couldn't go anywhere most of the time because of it.  I was determined to find what was missing.

A lifestyle change helped us immensely.   Essential oils and whole food supplements were key components.   We turned a corner using more natural methods and less of what were more conventional to us up to that point.  I also completely overhauled my cleaning cupboards and even some foods.   I ditched my candles with all the cozy aromas (and toxins) and moved essential oil diffusers in their place.  After all, they had lovely night lights too.  This all took place over about a year.  I started with small baby steps.  Here's what I did:

1. I started with 5 key essential oils to bolster us for daily concerns with changing seasons, immune and respiratory support.  I used these oils regularly in multiple ways. Anyone that knows me is familiar with my favorite oil blend- Onguard!

2. Bio-available whole food nutrients were added in, not the stuff you find in stores.

3. Household cleansers and chemicals were thrown out and replaced with safer non-toxic alternatives that actually helped support our immune systems at same time.  

4. Meals and snacks were made with more whole and natural foods, organic as much as possible, no sugar, packaged foods, boxed cereals, or bottled juices.

5. Personal care products were no longer store-bought but rather safe and natural products with clean ingredients.

Combine those 5 things with plenty of rest, activity, fresh air & sunshine and you have a recipe for a healthier lifestyle.  Drinking enough water is important as well. 

Would you like to get my step-by-step instructions for boosting your wellness and immunity naturally?  Request my free guide by commenting below and sending me your email.  If you want a personal chat with me to get answer to questions you have or get started with changing things in your family -  I'd be happy to organize a 30 minute call with you- my compliments!  

The things we used to cope with are not an issue any more.  We can now enjoy life way more than we used to. I don't wonder if I'm going to have to miss out on something or stay home. 

 I'd be thrilled to be your guide and show you the way to healthier living.  Looking forward to hearing from you!


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