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Just Breathe

When is the last time you just plopped your hair up in scrunchie, found a place you love, sat down to do nothing but just take a breather?  Time out is super important for your well being. Just sitting, breathing, soaking up the sunshine helps me to declutter "cobwebs" in my mind and to de-stress.    More than ever it seems people are needing to find those moments that help to make sense of everything going on in their world. 

As I constantly serve and support my family and many others daily, it has become apparent that people are struggling.  They are burned out, anxious, not sleeping well, and too busy trying to keep up with life.  I know this too and have to remind myself to stop and take care of me.

Head to the beach, the forest, a favorite park.  Sit and listen to the surf, the wind in the trees, children joyfully playing. What is it that rejuvenates and revitalizes you? If you haven't made it a regular practice, as we draw near to the end of 2021, begin to incorporate some chill out time in your life at least 1-2 times per week.  

I intentionally use my essential oils to assist me thru each day.  I love to start off with surprise...Breathe (aka Easy Air) blend.  It helps me to remember to breathe deep and get the oxygen needed to funcition well.  It's perfect as I wind down for the day too.  If my day gets hectic or unforeseen things throw me a curve ball in the day - I use it to help with that because when stressed, I don't breathe deeply and slowly.   Other oils that help me thru a day are Neroli Touch and Jasmine Touch - I wear them together as a dreamy fragrance and because they are calming to me.  Ylang Ylang and Lavender also are among my top fave "chill out" oils.  Diffusing oils thru my home is essential for my day.  I like to use citrus or woodsy oils.  Forgive blend is one I really like - it's like "taking a walk in the forest" when you just don't have time to go to the forest. 

I'd love to talk with you if you are experiencing alot of stress or anxious feelings and need to find some perfect ways to "just breathe" or essential oils that would work for you.  Set up a time with me by filling out the request form below and we can explore what might suit you.  

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Much love and good health, 

Laurie  xx

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