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Pursuit of happiness

Do you ever dream of running through a field of flowers with your besties?  Years ago, before I was married,  my best friend, (who is now my husband) insisted on running through a big field of  flowers in northern Wisconsin while we were on a road trip.  He'd never seen so many yellow flowers in one place. I figured they don't grow them like that in Australia since I'd never been there at that point in time.   He was literally so happy to run up the hill to jump for joy in the beautiful midwestern sunshine.  I pulled up on the side of a rural road as he begged to run through the flowers!  I don't want to ruin the fun - but we ended up needing a tow truck to pull us out of a culvert that was hidden under the tall grass where I pulled over so he could get out. He was so excited - until then. But while we waited for the tow truck, he ran through the flowers once we got the tow truck organized.  You should have seen the farmer's face when we rocked up to their door and asked for a phone to call someone - they handed a long spiral cord phone to us out the door - there were no cell phones in those days.  We laugh about it now - fun times - young and carefree. 

I'm a nature lover and essential oils is now a huge part of that.  They make me happy!  It's not just because they smell so beautiful or because I can make all these amazing aromas by blending them.  They scientifically have been proven to have positive effects on your emotions!  If you want research, just give me a shout. I study this stuff and fall more in love with aromatherapy every day!  There is an art to blending aromas.  Just as a chef blends flavors to go "wow" in your mouth, I blend oils to impact emotional and physical wellness.

By the way, I don't wear perfumes - in fact I can't - they make me feel icky, my nose gets stuffy, my eyes water, and my throat gets scratchy.  I only wear "pure-fumes"  I make with my essential oils - no adulterations, no chemicals, no toxins, no pesticides, no fabricated fake oils, nothing but pure goodness from the plants of the earth.  Better than organic in my opinion, that's another story for another day.  

 I truly have a blend I make up called the "Pursuit of Happiness".  I'll share it with you in a moment.   If I could put total "euphoria in a bottle" - this is it - for me.  Now it may be exactly that to you also, but every individual is uniquely created.  The chemistry between you and oils is special and if you make this blend and don't love it as much as I do, I've got many more to offer you that might "speak your language" better.   Just ask me - we'll design your special blend. 

 You can get good oils from me and at the best prices.  I only use the best for my family and would love to explain the specifics of that to you anytime.  There are alot of oils out there that would never touch my skin.   Let me be your "aromatherapist" and "oil-girl".   I love teaching people how to make oils work for them.  Ask me about that too!  You can contact me by filling out a request form at the bottom of my homepage, leave a comment on my blog, or email me:   Don't forget to subscribe to my blog also for more great info!

Here is my "Pursuit of Happiness" blend.  You need a good lift to your day - this is it for me and I want you to try it too!  If you need something like this in your life for everyday, a special occasion, or for a friend let me help you with that.  It is so dreamy, "woman-ly" and uplifting.  I get loads of compliments on it.  It actually seriously makes the people around me happy.   You can be a walking happiness diffuser!  Yes, oils really do that.  Just roll this stuff on as you go about your day and see what happens.  Try sharing it with a friend too!  I hope you love it as much as I do.  I would love to hear from you if you need oils or try this blend.  Drop me a comment below!  Until next time.....happy oiling friends!  I'm off on a little get-away today with my bestie to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary!  I think we'll look for a field of flowers to run through!





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