Teen years are thrilling and tough. I have 4 teens at home and the daily routines are anything but routine. On any given day we have a myriad of emotions and crazy schedules. Keeping teens healthy when they are on the go, experiencing hormonal highs and lows, and more concerned about their social relationships than eating a healthy dinner is challenging on any day.

Let me share some quick tips that will go a long way in supporting your young people and leave you feeling a bit more reassured. Firstly, my teens get Onguard essential oil blend in some form daily - a swipe on bottom of the feet, taking a few Beadlets, using the toothpaste, taking an Onguard Plus Softgel with extra immune support, or even in washing their hands with the Onguard Foaming Hand Wash. Then there is diffusing Onguard and using it in our spray cleaners which is healthy for them when they do their jobs around the house. They have been using Onguard for years, and are well accustomed to me coming around with my Onguard oil. We generally stay healthier overall as a family when this is part of our daily routine.

How's their diet? Fast food, packet foods and snacks, soda, candy? Yes, here too. They have been taught shop, cook and have healthy eating habits, but as soon as they are among friends, this all goes out the window! My kids make great choices at times just to be fair, but when they return from an activity and tell me they ate chips, soda, or burger, fries, and frozen drink, this Mom goes into health food mode! But I have the best supplements available and encourage them to take them every day. Lifelong Vitality Supplements have been wonderful nutritional support for our whole family for over 5 years. Even if the food intake is lacking, I know they are getting all the goodness they need. I also provide them with Terrazyme digestive enzymes to help their bodies better digest some of that food they ate with friends and keep their tummies happy.

Hormones...here we go! This is one of the biggest things I deal with for my family and many others I serve. Emotions and skin flare up, what an ordeal to go through, right? You've been there I'm sure. I've got that covered too.  Each of my teens has specific essential oils and blends that "speak" to them. One loves Spearmint, one loves Peace blend, one loves Purify or Siberian Fir, and another loves Peppermint or InTune. Some days, they prefer something else. They will come to "the oil office" and help themselves to what they feel they need. (I trained them well). Often they will come to me with a concern and we sit down and find out what would be best if they aren't sure. I love that I have everything they need right at their fingertips. My girls have special oils like Clary Calm and Clary Sage that help them thru monthly ups and downs. We also use the Phytoestrogen supplements as women in our home to help balance out those hormones. It makes a huge difference. Emotional support oils like Balance, Citrus Bliss,and Serenity (Lavender Peace) are favorites that they will wear like perfume or diffuse in their rooms.  Oils like these really help with easing those teen attitudes at times.

Skincare can be problematic for them. We will make up special blends for them to apply. Some of our preferred oils for this are Geranium, Teatree, Lavender, Frankincense and Yarrow Pom. These oils have soothing and cleansing benefits. We might make a spray so as not to irriate the skin further by too much rubbing. The skincare range they prefer is HD Clear. It works well for active teen skin. I make sure they have the cleanser, soothing lotion, and topical rollon to help promote a clear complexion.

How about sleep and studies? Burning the midnight oil? My teens like to stay up late reading books, watching movies. Plus they are on the go ALOT! Mito2Max energy supplements is a perfect addition to promote healthy energy levels and assist in focusing thru the day. Also Intune Focus or Thinker blends are perfect for concentration on those math problems. If getting going in the morning is like moving a bus, have them try Motivate blend. I like to give them the rollon version of this called Motivate Touch for easy use. Just swipe it on. If getting to sleep is a concern, we use Serenity or Peace blend in the diffuser, and Serenity restful complex softgel capsules.

If you have questions or specific needs for your teens (or yourself) - comment below or fill out a request at www.oilourworld.com and let's set up a time to chat. I'd love to help you create a plan that is perfect for your teens needs.


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