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Today is a new day

Hi friends.  Today.  Just today. That's all.  Yesterday is behind you. Tomorrow hasn't arrived.  With the holiday season fast approaching, and a new year in the horizon, just let it roll.  Today is all that matters in this moment. Here in Australia, birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining.  I'm just so thankful.  Not just for the birds, flowers, and sun....but oh, so much more. 

Every day we can choose how we view the moment we are in.   Does your heart feel happy, or are you letting the cares of life drag you down into despair?  It's much easier to carry joy than it is to lug dissappointment around.  So don't - just don't do it to yourself sweet friend.  I have some tips to help you right this very hour.  So here is what we are going to do....

First - find a notebook and a pen that you don't use for anything else. (Or maybe that is a digital notebook for you.)   Now I want you to put today's date at the top of the 1st blank page and then write the numbers from 1-10 on the lines beneath.  Too easy - right?  Next - fill in those 10 lines with something you are grateful for - big or small.  Good job.  You might like to decorate the cover or write "my daily gratitude journal". did it - day one - done!  Hold on, now the key to practicing gratitude daily is to repeat each morning when you get up (or when you go to bed - you'll sleep better!).  Here's the thing - don't write the same things every day - find new bits of gratefulness daily.  As you do this - you'll notice the birds sing sweeter songs, the flowers smell so much more lovely, and the sun sparkles brighter.   You will find that yourself smiling more, happier, and feeling more at ease about daily life.   Take note of the positive changes you see in yourself and your thoughts.  It might even roll off onto others around you. Just watch!

Here's a glimpse of how my morning gets going looks from the time I wake up about 5 - 5:30 am.  Yep, I'm awake with the birds.  No alarm clock needed here.  I listen to them for awhile, then I make a hot coffee with milk. I might add a drop of Cinnamon or Tumeric oil to it. I get my diffuser going with something like Peppermint or Motivate oil... or I might choose a "fruity" or "forest-y" oil like Citrus Bliss or Forgive.  While I sip and breathe in the aroma, I spend some time in my Bible reading, then praying.  Then I'll get out my gratitude notebook and write 10 things I'm thankful for.  Now I'm ready for my day.  My day goes so much better when I start this way.

 So I wash my face with my Verage skin care - it's super refreshing for starting (or ending) my day.  I'll put on my oils like Neroli and Jasmine together for a "pure-fume",  some lotion like Citrus Bloom (and Citrus Bloom deodorant) or pick an oil to add to the Spa Unscented Lotion.  Once I'm all dressed and oiled up, I'll check my emails and schedule for the day.  Breakfast usually comes a bit later in the morning for me. I take my supplements like Lifelong Vitality then.  

 I'll get some work done in the quiet before everyone else is awake. It's the best time of the day!!!  At some point I do some of my workout routine or I go for a walk with my dog.  I often meet up with locals for a bit of social time, a walk, and coffee after in the mornings.   Of course, I've got my family and other things to take care of once they wake up.  Some mornings I have meetings or appointments scheduled - I do something called "time blocking" to make efficient use of my time.  Time is so precious and I plan my day to make it as productive as possible.  Things come up that throw a curve ball, but I've learned to leave some space in my day for that too.  My mood is always better.  I support my mood applying oils like Balance, Adaptiv, or Frankincense. 

So my friend.... taking care of you in the mornings first can be such a blessing to your overall well-being.  As a busy mom, who homeschooled for over 15 years, that was a novelty most days, but I gradually was able to change that. Going to bed and getting up a bit earlier helps. Try that extra hour or so before everyone else gets up to begin your day on a positive note before the busy-ness begins.  Practice gratitude.  It's the little things.  Be happy for what you can do today, think on what's going good, be mindful of what you don't need to let creep into your thoughts.  My prayer is that this will help you change it up to something better for you as 2022 comes around. 

But remember, today is just today. Bless. 

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