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Vitality for Living

Simple self-care is beneficial for your health and mental wellbeing.   Stretching, light weight lifting, and walking at least 30 minutes are a few of my favorite things to do throughout the day. I take little breaks to take care of me.  I'll go to the beach with my dog, that's my happy place.  Other times, while I listen to personal development or business training, I stand and stretch, do exercises and light weights to strengthen my body.

When it comes to what I put in my body, eating clean and green is kind of my motto.  I'm not vegetarian whatsoever,  but love to add lots of veggies to my meal along my salmon or chicken especially.   Brown rice or quinoa are good wholegrain choices.  Wholegrains are more complete for your body and therefore utilized better than processed grains or flours.   I love a little crunch with Chia seeds.  A "nourish bowl" is one of my favorite things to eat with vibrant colors, textures, and packed with good nutrition.

Having good nutrition isn't enough and I always add nutritional supplements to my day.  As a busy, homeschooling mom and business owner, it's imperative that I get enough nutrients and from good sources.  Our food and soil supply plus the modern lifestyle doesn't lend itself to adequate nutrition, no matter how much I try.  I use organic food as much as possible, but still know I don't get enough.  My number one suggestion is taking the Lifelong Vitality Supplements.  I can't stress this enough when I'm helping others who genuinely want to improve their wellness. 

Are you lacking in energy and mental focus?  How about getting through the day without aches or discomfort?  Do you sleep well and wake up feeling rested?  Emotionally, how's it going?  Lifelong Vitality supplements have changed my world!  If I take them, I can tell.  If I don't take them, I can tell.  My whole body functions better and I feel better too.  I never stop telling people about them because they are truly foundational to my health ...and yours.  

Supplementing can make such a huge difference for you along with other daily self-care  - even if you feel you "eat pretty good" already.  I hear that alot, but yet people tell me how they are struggling with this, that, and the other in their daily living.  Let's talk about what you might really need to live your best life.  Set up a time to chat and I will customize a plan that works for your body and lifestyle.   Request a 30 minute chat with me by commenting below or email: .  I'll take time to answer your questions and provide helpful solutions.

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